Dominic Scott

The meeting place of all those who love originality and haute cuisine

a place of reference on the Mykonian map of flavours. The Giziotis family’s Katrin’s marries traditional Greek recipes with French gourmet cooking, warm hospitality with elegant surroundings, luxurious top – quality ingredients with the simplicity of the Cyclades. Atmospheric and chic, in well-kept surroundings, a French bistrot in love with the Cyclades, hidden in one of Chora’s most beautiful narrow streets.

Katrin, is a boutique restaurant, which for over four decades, has offered original and delicious delicacies

and has hosted, at one of its few, sought-after, tables, every famous visitor to the island. Its menu uniquely and effortlessly combines the island’s best: stuffed courgettes, the freshest fruit of the sea and the most famous chateaubriand. Katrin welcomes its guests, by creating an unforgettable experience that works its magic on all the senses.

Giziotis family